Amtico Click Laminate Vinyl Flooring
28th March

Amtico Click Flooring

We have teamed up with Amtico to offer their great new range of click flooring. It slots together like laminate, but is engineered to last for years. Amtico originally made their name in providing industrial and commercial flooring, but recently have teamed up with some top designers to bring out an easy to use and fit range of residential vinyl flooring.

They look and feel great. The wood range is textured and feels like the real thing, miles better than equivalent priced standard laminate but waterproof, long lasting and uses the latest manufacturing techniques. The stone range is even better. It looks like the real thing, but has the advantage of being simpler, cheaper and lighter to fit.

View the range here, we’ll be adding more designs shortly, but for value for money flooring that not only looks great but is built to last, Amtico Spacia Click has to be on your shortlist.Amtico Click at

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